About me






I’m a consultant, researcher & project manager in international development cooperation. The link between conserving biodiversity and supporting people’s livelihoods and regional economies is at the core of my work: my areas of expertise are natural resources management with a focus on nature conservation and protected area management, and regional economic development with a focus on sustainable tourism.



Dr. rer. nat. Julius Arnegger, Dipl.-Wirtsch.Geogr.

Born in 1980 in Freiburg, Germany



Current Position


Natural Resources Management & Environment

GFA Consulting Group GmbH

Hamburg, Germany



Previous positions


Principal Advisor

(Integrated Expert, German International Cooperation GIZ-CIM)

Research and Development Department

Azerbaijan Tourism and Management University (previously: Azerbaijan Tourism Institute), Baku, Azerbaijan



Researcher, lecturer

Institute of Geography

JMU Würzburg, Germany




Institute of Economic Geography

LMU Munich



I'm interested in the following topics in consulting and research:

Tourism, especially ecotourism

Protected area management and sustainable use of natural resources

Sustainable Development

Regional Economics

Image and marketing of destinations


Member of the World Commission on Protected Areas (IUCN WCPA)




PhD project "Protected Areas, the Tourist Bubble and Regional Economic Development. Two Case Studies from Mexico and Morocco."

Advisor: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Hubert Job, JMU Würzburg

Doctor's degree received Feb 2014



Studies in Economic Geography at LMU Munich and UAM Madrid

2007 LMU Munich: Diplom (equ. to MSc.) in Economic Geography